Seek quality, not quantity
Make connections between people and their interests


It is like a dating site for your hobby

Welcome to FL!NT beta Yes this is a pre open release beta. Why beta? because it is still mostly untested by a broader community and there are a few more features we want to include that will make co-ordinating a club or event even easier.

Security & Privacy FL!NT complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. It is to protect and inform you of how your data will be used. This site uses cookies, they do not contain private or sensitive information & you have the right to disable them at any point. FL!NT will not harvest personal data or make them available to third parties. You have the right to opt out and change settings at any time.

Hobbies or Interests? What's the difference? To us there isn't any difference, sure some interests are more common such as popular team sports. Some interests are less common such as Re-enactment, or even less common such as Cosplay of Xena Warrior Princess™, or rare like European trains of 1855 in service on the west coast of America. It doesn't matter how rare your interest is, there may be someone out there with a similar interest. It is our aim to help you find others.

Knowledge base Social media has changed forever the way we communicate. We have seen the death of many forums, but we are losing a solid base for knowledge in our online communities. We thought the logical place to store this important info is where you manager your club. A place where your members can log in and access the clubs knowledge-base.

Co-ordinate a team project Share an idea with others, set mutually agreed milestones, invite volunteers. To help keep things on track we will send reminders along the way.

Inspiration. FL!NT was inspired by friends that moved abroad along with their passionate hobbies. I felt it was important that people should be able to make new quality connections in a new area to share their real world interests. The challenge was how to match people with people, clubs and events where they had shared interests.

Common interests. While develpoing this idea it became clear that a person's interests are anything but common. However, we persevered because hobbies are more fun when shared with others.

No Advertising. We dislike ads and therefore we give our commitment to FL!NT users that we will not put advertising on our sites.

Admin challenges. In addition I know first hand how difficult it can be to coordinate a not for profit club or organisation and I wanted to make it easier by simplifying these step:

  • Forming a club
  • Manage memberships
  • Accept payments
  • Share critical info with members
  • Record keeping
  • Co-ordinate events

  • These things seem to get in the way of the reason we form clubs and that is to enjoy our shared interests.

    From these basic ideas, FL!NT was born.

    Aaron Southwell - Founder

    We appreciate your feedback!